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Designed for flavour!

At Bluebell, we only use the best ingredients in all of our food and drink. This is also true for our speciality coffee. We are the only coffee house/restaurant in Wales to use specialist roasters Allpress. Early on, Allpress identified that the best tasting coffee is not all science nor is it all craft. It’s the combination of both. So they match skilled artisans around the world, with innovative technology. Flavour is what drives each and every one of their decisions. The same is true at Bluebell. From the coffee machine we use, to the hours spent in the cupping room. Everything we do is about ensuring consistency in your cup, right down to the way our beans are roasted.
Innovative Hot Air Roasting enables the unique character of every bean to shine through and prevents the smoky burnt taste that traditional drum roasting causes. Today, Allpress roasts exclusively using their Hot Air Roast Method and they've even gone one step further - innovating and building their Hot Air Roasters from the ground up, designed for flavour first.
Allpress coffee roasting Bluebell Restaurants Swansea
Allpress coffee roasting Bluebell Restaurants Swansea
It's all about the crema...
Green beans last a long time but once they are roasted they become hygroscopic, which means that they take on moisture. This means that beans are only at their optimum for 10-14 days – after that, they start to lose their oils, and the oils are what makes a great cup of coffee (the all-important crema comprises oil and gas). Pop along to Bluebell for a coffee and you'll experience a mouthful of flavour. The uniqueness of the Allpress' Hot Air Roasting brings out the flavours of our delicate little beans, resulting in a mouthful of deliciousness.
We are told by customers that we make the best coffee in Swansea...but we'll let you be the judge of that!
...and the machine!
Our La Marzocco is the Rolls Royce of coffee machines!
There’s a very precise recipe in making the perfect espresso…18g of coffee, tamped twice at 30lb/tamp, with a spin at the end to smooth off the grind, brewed between 24-28 seconds. The time over which the espresso shot is drawn is important in determining whether you've got it right or not…too slow, and it will be bitter; too fast, and it will be sour/acidic. We adjust the grinder at least 3 times a day as humidity and the ambient temperature can also affect the grind size and therefore the end cup of coffee. We're all about consistency at Bluebell whether it's a cup of coffee or a plate of our delicious food.
There are a lot of other bits to  a perfect coffee, but we don't want to bore you. Just know that we take our black gold very seriously and hope that your experience with us is one of the best around!
Bluebell Restaurants Swansea Coffee Making
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