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Do you make the wrong food choices due to lack of time?
You're not alone, most people do! But what if you had a healthy, balanced and affordable meal delivered to your home or workplace for the same price, or less than what you currently spend? Bluebell MUNCH® is a service that does exactly that.
Most large workplaces have an in-house canteen that offer their staff food that is not nutritious! If you don't have a canteen in your workplace, you probably have a less-than-healthy pasty or sandwich meal deal shop/supermarket a few minutes away.
All of the above options aren't great and are normally filled with preservatives, saturated fats, sugars and lots of salt. Why are you putting this into your body!?
Bluebell MUNCH® meals are prepared in our restaurants state-of-the-art kitchen using the same top quality ingredients that go in to our meals to ensure you're eating the best food and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Share the cost with a friend/colleague to get the best price of £3.95 per meal. We deliver to your home or workplace in thermally controlled boxes to keep your food fresh until you return home.
We will soon be adding more options to the menu, including lunch mains and delicious healthy breakfasts.
See below for meal options and how it works.
Email us on if you have any questions :)
You can't exercise your way out of a bad diet!
Our Restaurants healthy meal prep
Our Restaurants healthy meal prep thai green curry
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Our Restaurants healthy meal preps Bluebell MUNCH menu
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